High Energy Piping fabrication, repair and replacement

Typical High Energy Materials: P91, P9, P5, P22, P11 (SA335)


Accurity specializes in the removal and replacement of high energy piping and the difficulties that go along with it.  Let’s face it, high energy piping isn’t easy to repair and you need the right team to get it done right the first time.

Wither it’s the main steam, hot and cold reheat, feedwater, extraction steam piping, or just boiler tubes Accurity understands the delicate needs of handling this type of material.  Our teams of expert project managers, superintendents, and field welders have worked with high energy piping for over 20 years.  We understand the team that must come together in a coordinated effort to insure that from the initial machine cutting to the last weld and post weld heat treatment the piping is properly managed.

Accurity hires only the best team of sub-contractors to provide the machining, preheating/post weld heat treating and NDE.  We work hard up front to ensure the subcontractors understand the scope of work and are prepared to follow the most stringent specifications.

Accurity will follow the customers specifications or our own.  We have worked on Nooter/Eriksen, Vogt, Albourg, CMI, Alstom, Chanute, B&W, Riley, Foster Wheeler, Victory, Cleaver Brooks, Hurst, Rentech, Kawasaki and many others and understand the nuances and differing requirements with OEM’s.

Let Accurity help you manage your high energy piping needs by getting us involved in the process early, so call today!!!

ASME Code Qualified

Accurity holds the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), “S” accreditation for the manufacturing and assembly of Power Boilers along with the NBIC (National Board Inspection Code) Repair and Alteration of Boilers and Pressure Vessels “R” Stamp, and National Board Authorization to Register “NB” Stamp.
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