Accurity Equipment Setting Services

Structural Steel Erection

Hanging steel or “raising iron” is an essential to most projects.  Accurity is a full service fabricator and erector of structural and miscellaneous steel. Our team of ironworkers are experienced in:

  • Building Steel Installation
  • Design Build Installation
  • Structural Steel Member Replacement Due To Corrosion and Deterioration
  • New Equipment Installation and Setting
  • Fabrication and Installation of Platforms, Ladders, Stairs, and Handrails
  • Structural Steel Modifications
    • Structural Steel-columns, girders, trusses, grillage steel, purlins, building additions/renovations, header steel, and mezzanines
    • Embedded Steel-anchor bolts, curb angles, trenches, drain decks, guard posts, sumps, and truck dock steel
    • Miscellaneous Steel-stairs, handrail, guardrail, cat walks, ladders, roof frames, cross overs, platforms, tool rails, tanks, header steel, hangers, door frames, grating, screed guard, etc.
    • Specialty Fabrication-stainless steel, conveyors, data center modules, foundries, architecturally exposed steel, robot frames, pipe trestles, flumes, press pit steel, canopies, and unique/custom structures
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