I just wanted to let you know that your team did a phenomenal job this weekend with the line move. We couldn’t be more happy with the way they executed, and the plant and corporation are ecstatic about the way we were able to beat the timeline.

Mike was an absolute professional and did a great job of keeping the team on point and getting everything done. I was very impressed. Lowell is a very hard worker, very smart, and was a lot of fun to work with. Jimmy did a great job of doing a lot of unsung hero work. He was always busy and a big part of the reason we finished ahead of schedule. Jimbo is a hoot, and obviously very good at what he does. He could tackle anything. Jeremy has to be one of the most respectful people I’ve ever been around, and an absolute pleasure on top of being a hard worker.

I genuinely enjoyed spending time with all of them and getting to know them. They are all unbelievably hard workers, and did everything “the right way” from start to finish. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to work with all of you again.

Corey Magnussen


I just wanted to let you know you have a great group of people working for you. I was the site rep working with your crew. They handled themselves in a very professional manor, stayed safe, and kept their work area clean and neat. Enjoyed working with them (they did all the work). Once again the job site superintendent was a very knowledgeable and professional lead man. These guys even took time to answer all my questions on all the procedures and codes that are up to date.   Anyway, just wanted to let you know they did an outstanding job. Hope you guys have a great holiday.

Brandon Ellis

Ethos Energy

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